Wednesday, February 14, 2018


It Is The Aga Of Aquarius (Akwuora) And It Is The African Era. The Age Of Enlightenment. The Universal Age of the REVELATORY And Librating Information = Enlightenment. My Arts Are My Book. The Book Of Ugo. Igbo Renaissance Art Is A Collection of Film Projects By Ugo-Art. Igbo Is A Culture, A Nation And A People That Needs Revival. Igbo Is The Architect Of Many Civilization On Your Planet. The Manifestations Of Guardians Is Not A Western Creation. They Invented The Idea Of A Single Guardian, By Kicking Out Mama From The Trinity Of Life. This Is A Havoc To Our Ancestors. Because Our Ancestors Believed In Ba ALA nce. That Is That Enu Na Ani Bu Ofu. Light And Darkness Are One. Azu na Iru Are One. As Above So Below. Our Ancestors Overstood That Human Nature Will Always Need Guardian. It Is The Guardians We Manifested That They Call Alusi. Guardians Are Libraries. No One Has Ever Grew Out Of Guards. No Matter Any Age, You'll Always Need Guardians. That's Why We Have So Many Guardians In Africa. Amadioha Is A Guardian. Ani Is A Guardian. Chi Is Guardian. Ikenga Is Guardian. We Have So Many. All Over Afa Eri Ka Is Full Of Guardians. The Idea Of Single Guardian With The G g Hallucinations Confused The Living Day Light Out Of Our People.