Tuesday, July 12, 2016

COSA NOSTRA by Ugo Osmunds

"Just Listen and listen very carefully. The reason we chose you was because you have proven to be one of the most sophisticated gentleman in this world. And we believe that you are the right man for the job. We like the way you dress. We like the way you carry yourself. Your preferences and your character. Hang up the phone and we will contact you again very soon." - Ugo Osmunds 

 Cosa Nostra, n. Italian. "Our Thing"  

Cinematography - Ugo Osmunds | Model/Actor - Sam Norris | Fashion - Catou by Berny Martin.

 "Sometimes a model or an actor can be so perfectly matched to the appeal of the brand they represent that they become more than just a campaign representative, they become the physical embodiment of the brand itself." This is a fashion film about modern gentleman and luxury menswear fashion. A modern gentle man doesn't believe in less, he goes all the way. He makes great impacts. When he walks in a room, everyone notices him first. He is masculine. He is neat. He is elegant. He is an eligible bachelor. He is well tailored.